Happily Homed

Thank you for giving our Raystede animals a very happy home! We would love to see your new family member living their best life in their new home.

Whether it's your feline friend in their favourite spot, your canine companion enjoying their walk or your small furry loving a tasty snack, please share your photos and tell us about your rescue animal who is now happily homed!

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The Kennel Team and Volunteers


Adopted Wallis on 5 December 2014 he was only 5 months and had spent most of that time in your loving hands thank goodness, after not a very nice start to his young life. He had as many issues as breeds, Border Collie, Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute, so we got three for the price of one. Still very much a live wire, keeps us fit and on our toes, the most loved member of the family.

The Kennel Team and Volunteers